The Classics IV, one of the most popular and influential pop groups of the 60s and 70s originated in Florida. They achieved phenomenal success with hits “Spooky,” “Stormy,” “Traces,” and Everyday With You Girl, all which sold well over a million copies and were awarded gold discs by the Recording Industry of America. All four hits, appeared in the 1977 film “The Chicken Chronicles.” In addition to other various soundtracks, including the hit HBO Series “Six Feet Under:

By the 1970s The Classics IV accumulated a total of 16 Billboard Chart hits, solidifying them as a pop group, crediting Dennis Yost & The Classics IV with the development of “Southern Soft Rock.” To date The Classics IV have recorded 15 LPs, including “Spooky,” “Lil Bit of Gold” “Traces” and “Golden Greats.” In 1993 The Classics IV, Dennis Yost, known for the “tear in his voice” were inducted into The Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

The Classics IV perform in a variety of venues to rave revues, captivating audiences with their professionalism, good humor, and ingratiating personalities. Performing the bands greatest hits, including the instantly recognizable “Spooky” along with some of the best music of the era. In 2011 The Classics IV returned to the studio with the release their album, “A New Horizon,” blending the old with the new. October 1, 2015 saw the first ever “Live Album” with the release of “One Stormy Night – The Classics IV Live At The Ritz”.